Community Guidelines

Last updated June 13, 2023.

Welcome to the Category Thinkers community!

This community brings category designers together through an open Slack community, a podcast, LinkedIn discussions and both local and virtual meetups.

To meet the collective goals of our community, it’s important that all members feel safe and supported. To help everyone have the best possible experience, please follow our community guidelines:

Positive Guidelines

  • Feel free to post questions and start discussions on any topics relating to category design.
  • Treat others as you would treat them in real life. Be polite and communicate with respect, empathy, and positive encouragement.
  • Like any discipline, category design continues to evolve, and its practitioners have different experiences and opinions on how to execute it. You don’t have to agree with everyone, but please be respectful of others’ views.
  • Please protect the confidentiality of any topic that is disclosed as confidential, preliminary, in stealth, etc.
  • Reach out to our Ambassadors (list here) or the John Rougeux, Mike Damphousse, or Pablo Gonzalez in Slack for support.
  • Please provide feedback that will improve Category Thinkers by sending an email to

Rules and Restrictions

  • It's important to credit the original contributor when sharing Category Thinkers content outside the community. If it’s a slack discussion, ask for permission from the participants, or anonymize the names..
  • Please respect the privacy of others and refrain from sharing personal or private information gathered in the community.
  • Let’s keep the conversation focused and relevant by avoiding posting messages that are not related to the community’s topics.
  • Please keep the community a place for meaningful conversations by refraining from posting messages that are deemed to be soliciting for business.
  • We value respectful and constructive conversations, so personal attacks, trolling, and abuse are not acceptable.
  • Let’s keep the community a positive space by avoiding explicit, rude, or aggressive content.


  • If you choose to violate these guidelines, we will take action to protect other members of the group. This might include a warning, or in the event of extreme or repeat behavior, you may be banned from the community.