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Why a Category Design Community?

Category designers are everywhere. Yet, despite the growth of this business discipline, category design can still feel like a mysterious art.

Answers are hard to find. Because most category designers are going it alone. In isolation.

Without a community of peers to share ideas with and learn from, you may be missing out on fresh perspectives, new ideas, and inspiration that could help turn your category design initiative from a swing and a miss to a home run.

Category Thinkers changes that, with the first and only community built for aspiring and practicing category designers alike.

Are You a Category Thinker?

We aren't here to convince you why category design  matters. If you're not there yet, read this.

But if you already have a genuine interest in applying category design principles to your own work, you're welcome to join.

We are entrepreneurs, CEOs, solopreneurs, investors, board members, advisors, marketers, managers, and creatives – we are category designers.

Category Thinkers Membership Benefits

Build connections

Our Slack community is great for building your network of practicing and aspiring category designers.

Join live events and meetups

Converse with category design practitioners and learn from the masters – including in-person meetups.

Get feedback from peers

Connect with fellow category designers to share feedback and collaborate on projects.

Showcase your thinking

Feature your work with our community, and share your experience on the Category Thinkers podcast.

What Our Members Say

Aspiring and expert category designers alike join to build the muscle memory they need to design and dominate new categories.

"Category design is near and dear to my heart. I've seen the power of a category being developed first hand. Category design is probably the biggest spark you can use to establish and grow a community and an ecosystem, and Category Thinkers brings it all together.

Mark KIlens

CMO, Airmeet & Co-founder, ClubPF

Kim Bach
"Being a co-founder of a startup is one of the most thrilling, satisfying, and hardest things I've ever done. But I didn't really have a group of people to talk about it with and help us find the path forward. Category Thinkers has been that group for us, and I’m psyched to be here."

Kim Bach

Co-founder & Chief People Officer, Daily Human

Pietro Bezza
"Category Thinkers brings together the venture ecosystems that are building new categories, be it Silicon Valley, London or Berlin. It’s one global community focused on category thinking. One destination. Having access to other category designers in Slack is HUGE!"

Pietro Bezza

Co-founder & Managing Partner, Connect Ventures

"Category thinking has shaped every successful thing I've done. The Category Thinkers community keeps these ideas alive and evolving."

Isaac Morehouse

Co-founder, PartnerHacker & Chief Market Officer, Reveal

Ed Cravo
"Category design has helped us sharpen our vision and services into something entirely new that our audience is actually very excited about. I’m excited that a category design community is finally available for everyone - I hope to see you here."

Ed Cravo

Co-founder & CEO, Keepers

Meet the Category Thinkers Team

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John Rougeux
Category Design Advisors

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Mike Damphousse
Co-founder / Partner
Category Design Advisors

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Pablo Gonzalez
Co-founder / CEO
Be The Stage

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